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Doctor Who Series 8 Episode Titles Released


This weekend, Doctor Who fans will finally get to see the first episode of the new series and decide for themselves what Peter Capaldi brings to the role of the Doctor. To whet your appetite for what Steven Moffat and the Doctor Who team have in store, the official Doctor Who Facebook page has announced the list of episode titles for the series and there are mentions of Daleks, robots, time (unsurprisingly!) and death. There is also one episode called The Caretaker, though whether that has anything to do with the nickname the Doctor was given during his wartime Christmas adventure remains to be seen.

Here’s the full list:

1 – Deep Breath (by Steven Moffat)
2 – Into The Dalek (by Phil Ford and Steven Moffat)
3 – Robot Of Sherwood (by Mark Gatiss)
4 – Listen (by Steven Moffat)
5 – Time Heist (by Stephen Thompson and Steven Moffat)
6 – The Caretaker (by Gareth Roberts and Steven Moffat)
7 – Kill The Moon (by Peter Harness)
8 – Mummy On The Orient Express (by Jamie Mathieson)
9 – Flatline (by Jamie Mathieson)
10 – In The Forest Of The Night (by Frank Cottrell Boyce)
11/12 – Dark Water/Death In Heaven (by Steven Moffat)

What are your thoughts on these titles?

You can find all our Doctor Who content here.

Doctor Who returns Saturday night at 7:50pm with Deep Breath.

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