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Celebrate Snoopy’s birthday with “The Top Dogs in Films”


Today is a big day for one of our favourite dogs, Snoopy, as he celebrates his birthday and the upcoming release of his new movie, Snoopy and Charlie Brown: The Peanuts Movie this coming December. What better way to mark this momentous occasion than looking back at the top dogs in films throughout time?


First up we have the mischievous Hooch, who comes into police investigator Scott Turner’s life in an unconventional way, as Hooch is the murder victim’s pet and subsequently, the only witness. After a ‘ruff’ start, Hooch flips Turner’s life around instigating a romance between Turner and the local vet. All in a day’s work for a canine best friend.


One could not mention the naughty Hooch without speaking too of Beethoven, the St. Bernard who drives father, George Newton, around the bend. However, Beethoven turns out to be an absolute top dog as throughout the movies he saves youngest child, Emily, from drowning, protects father George from the evil vet Dr. Varnick and several other instances where he really comes up trumps. Go on Beethoven!



Similar to Turner and Hooch, here we have a police detective, Michael Dooley, who is assigned a German shepherd whom he names ‘Jerry Lee’. After disobeying Dooley to begin with, Dooley has reservations towards the dog, until Jerry Lee saves him from a beating from several men in a suspected drug den. From this moment on, Jerry Lee becomes Dooley’s sacred companion.


Who can forget Woody and the gangs trusted friend, Slinky. Throughout the Toy Story films Slinky proves himself to be loyal to Woody, even when others turn their back on him, making Slinky a top dog in our books.

Homeward Bound:

The unlikely duo, that is Chance and Shadow, make a fantastic entry to our top dogs. Whilst Shadow is wise, kind and knowledgeable, and Chance is well.. less so! The two work together in order to find their way home to their beloved owners, Peter and Jamie.

Cats and Dogs:

As Charlie Brown has his own top beagle, it would be wrong to not include our own addition to our top dog list. As well as being unbelievably cute, Lou the beagle, blossoms from being a young, helpless little puppy, to a secret agent who helps defeat the evil Mr Tinkles and protect Professor Brody’s allergy formula, albeit, not always quite so smoothly.

Marley and Me

I think anyone can agree when I say that Marley absolutely stole our hearts, and then broke them! One of the naughtiest dogs to come on to the screen, every dog owner at one point or another can empathise with this film. Through the frustration we may feel whilst they are being a total nuisance, to the absolute devastation we all felt when Marley left us. No tissues were enough for this top dog!



And here we have another heartbreaker, the ultimate dog love story of the loyal Hachi, who walked everyday to the station with his master and waited for his return after work. After his master passes away from a heart attack, Hachi waits every single day in the same spot at the station awaiting his return, until the day Hachi passes away. If Hachi does not win the top dog loyalty award, I don’t know who does!

Oliver and Company:

An adaptation of the classic ‘Oliver Twist’, a shout out has to come to the rough and loveable Dodger. As Dodger comes across the abandoned cat Oliver, he makes it his mission to take him in to his gang and look after him. Even when Oliver finds his own family with the wealthy Jenny Foxworth, Dodger still has his back and protects Oliver and his master, Fagan, against the evil Sykes.


And last, but by no means least, we had to include our innocent and kind Snoopy, Charlie Brown’s best friend. Out of all of our top dogs, Snoopy definitely has the biggest imagination, and no matter what happens to himself or Charlie, it all manages to work out in the end. Over the years we see Snoopy develop, almost becoming more like a human than a dog, especially as Charlie teaches him to walk on his hind legs! Never the less, Snoopy remains a loyal friend and companion to Charlie throughout, helping him through many of the trials and tribulations of young Charlie’s life. And you can watch him this December on the big screen in Snoopy and Charlie Brown: The Peanuts Movie.

Snoopy and Charlie Brown: The Peanuts Movie is in cinemas December 21.

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