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‘Bewitched’ To Be Magicked Back On Our Screens?


Long running and popular US sitcom Bewitched may be coming back to our screens – in a new incarnation.

It looks like Sony Pictures is planning an updated version of the show, which celebrates its 50th anniversary today.

Elizabeth Montgomery played Samantha, the domesticated witch married to mere mortal man, Darrin (Dick York and later, Dick Sargent). The show, created by Sol Saks, follows Samantha’s attempts to adjust to the ordinary world and get out from under the thumb of her dreaded mother (Agnes Moorehead).

Bewitched almost got off the ground a few years back when CBS ordered a script, but the project never happened. So make a wish – this time it may materialise.

Source: Deadline

Claire Joanne Huxham comes from the south-west, where the cider flows free and the air smells of manure. She teaches A-level English by day and fights crime by night. When not doing either of these things she can usually be found polishing her Star Trek DVD boxsets. And when she can actually be bothered she writes fiction and poetry that pops up on the web and in print. Her favourite film in the whole world, ever, is BLADE RUNNER.

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