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Gerard Butler-led ‘… Has Fallen’ films get a series spin-off

A TV series based on the hit Gerard Butler-led movies Olympus Has Fallen, London Has Fallen and Angel Has Fallen is on the way from STUDIOCANAL, so reports Variety. The new Paris Has Fallen TV series is being unveiled at this week’s London TV Screenings.

Butler in London Has Fallen – Lionsgate/YouTube

Butler will serve as executive producer on the show, which is titled Paris Has Fallen. Supposedly, the ‘action’ will take place on the streets of the French capital with a new star front and centre. The trade says that the planned series will be an eight-parter with Howard Overman writing the screenplay.

Variety says that Tewfik Jallab will lead the cast of the Paris Has Fallen TV series as Vincent Taleb, a ‘member of a security deal guarding a high-ranking politician. The target this time around, rather than the President in the Butler movies, is France’s Minister of Defence, attacked by a terror force at a high-profile event. 

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The trade has more:

To safeguard him from a terror group led by the heinous Jacob Pearce, Taleb teams with street-smart MI6 operative Zara Taylor. But they discover there’s more to the attack than a single victim and, echoing the turncoats of the movies, one of their colleagues is feeding information to Pearce.

There’s more at the end of the link above.


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