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Attack The Block Helmer Joe Cornish To Direct Spy Film ‘Section 6’


Comedian/ writer turned film director Joe Cornish found success with the superb British horror comedy ATTACK THE BLOCK a couple of years ago, as well as with co-writing duties on films like THE ADVENTURES OF TINTIN and the upcoming ANT-MAN. Now it looks like he will return to the directors chair to helm a new British spy movie revolving around MI6. The film is titled SECTION 6, and is apparently one of the hottest scripts around town after appearing at the top of the Blacklist.

The film is officially described as ‘an exploration of the formation of Great Britain’s secret intelligence agencey, Military Intelligence, Section 6, known more commonly as MI6.

Aaron Berg wrote said script. The project is housed over at Universal.

Where this leaves the rumours that Cornish would take over from JJ Abrams on the next STAR TREK movie remains to be seen.

Source: The Wrap

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