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Full Trailer For ‘Alan Partridge: Alpha Papa’

by Luke Ryan Baldock

Finally, a British theatrical turn for a popular comedy TV character that doesn’t involve them going abroad. Such was the fate of BEAN: THE ULTIMATE DISASTER MOVIE, KEVIN AND PERRY GO LARGE, ARE YOU BEING SERVED, and THE INBETWEENERS. Set in the action packed county of Norfolk, ALAN PARTRIDGE: ALPHA PAPA sees Steve Coogan’s most famous creation become involved in a siege at a local radio station. Despite the added action, this ful trailer makes it abundantly clear that the film’s primary focus is still the comedy and awkward dialogue from Partridge.

This trailer relieved me of all the doubts surrounding the project, which are only natural when dealing with British TV making the jump to the big screen. But it seems as though ALAN PARTRIDGE: ALPHA PAPA isn’t looking for a new audience, but giving the true fans what they want. This is probably helped by Coogan’s impressive run in Hollywood before returning to the character that first premiered on THE DAY TODAY.

ALAN PARTRIDGE: ALPHA PAPA is released 7th August. It stars Steve Coogan, Colm Meaney, Sean Pertwee, Simon Greenall, and Felicity Montagu.

Source: MSN

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