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Poster For WWE Produced Survival-Thriller ‘Barricade’

by Craig Hunter

The number of decent feature films that have come from the WWE studios, you can pretty much count on one hand or make that one finger. However could their latest, BARRICADE, lead to us putting two fingers up (make of that what you will)? But if this latest poster is anything to go by then things do not bode well, with imaginative design spoiled by more than a touch of ropey ‘photoshopping’. Former gay icon of sitcom WILL & GRACE, Eric McCormack, headlines as a husband and father who takes his family to a cosy cabin retreat in the woods. It isn’t long before they’re fighting for their survival against unknown forces.

BARRICADE marks the first feature WWE has been involving with, that doesn’t feature one of their brainless brawlers. Which is a good thing in itself. The film will hit US cinemas next month, whether it will make it to the big-screen on this side of the Atlantic, or a bottom shelf at Blockbuster, time will tell. FIDO’s Andrew Currie directs the film that co-stars Jody Thompson, Conner Dwelly and Ryan Grantham.

Source: IMPAwards

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