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Don’t Rule Out Bill Murray For Ghostbusters 3

Earlier this year Dan Aykroyd – writer of the GHOSTBUSTERS franchise – broke our hearts when he told us that Dr Peter Venkman, aka Bill Murray would not be involved with GHOSTBUSTERS 3. However, it now seems all is not lost after a recent interview with Murray who was quoted saying there is still a ‘possibility’ that he may join the project.

Choosing not to dwell on the matter Murray quickly changed the subject back to his current involvement with MOONRISE KINGDOM, Wes Anderson’s upcoming drama. Nevertheless it has fans of the films reeling that a straight no wasn’t yet on the cards and that the legacy of the movies may continue with another member of the original cast.

Source: Coming Soon

Danielle is currently studying Journalism out of central London. Her main interests surround anything and everything involving film, theatre, music and literature, with a particular love for Shakespeare. Once set on acting, she changed her mind at the last minute choosing to peruse the equally difficult career of writing and is well-prepared to be waitressing post studies. Amidst her favourite films are: BACK TO THE FUTURE, FIGHT CLUB, ONE FLEW OVER THE CUCKOO’S NEST and THE DEPARTED.

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