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Jared Harris Set For Hammer UK’s ‘The Quiet Ones’

You’ll know his face from MAD MEN to FRINGE and soon in the upcoming LINCOLN but Jared Harris is now set to lead in THE QUIET ONES from Hammer Films. They’ve been having one hell of a great year with the massive success of WOMAN IN BLACK, which may be one of their highest earners of all-time for the studio. Not wanting to let the good times drop, they’re taking on this story and original screenplay by Tom DeVille and starting to shoot this June in the UK.

Harris is set to play a controversial college professor, who will lead his students away from an ethical experiment and, instead, try to create a poltergeist. Now, we’ve got a sneaky suspicion that this won’t all go to plan and maybe some form of hell will break loose but of course, this narrative is all assumption.  What we do know is that director of QUARANTINE 2: TERMINAL, John Pogue, will direct and he also wrote GHOST SHIP back in 2002. Everyone involved has supernatural and horror roots in some aspect, so we’re hoping this is something fresh and inventive for the studio. As yet this is all pre-production, more news as and when we hear it but we do also know that James Gay-Rees is producing in association with TPSC Films and they’ve had recent success with SENNA and EXIT THROUGH THE GIFT SHOP.

Source: Deadline

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