Valley of Violence

Ti West is one of the many directors that we’ve had our eye on for the last few years. The brilliant House of the Devil managed to perfectly channel the old school horror films of the late seventies and follow-up The Innkeepers proved that he wasn’t a one trick pony.

West’s next project, In a Valley of Violence will take him away from the horror genre as he tries his hand at creating a Western. The film has an interesting cast which includes Ethan HawkeJohn TravoltaKaren Gillan and James Ransone with the story set in the 1890s. The plot sounds traditional revenge Western with a man arriving in a small town seeking vengeance for his murdered friend.

We recently caught up with James Ransone and found out how the edit was coming along, here’s what he had to share:

I saw a cut of it a couple of weeks ago and its funny and violent and idiosyncratic and weird. I think it’s his best work. I think his fans will super appreciate it because he is growing in the direction you’d hope or expect him to grow. I think whatever left turn he made when he made The Sacrament in terms of its realism, I think he went back to cinematic mythology. I think he realised he works better when he’s using cinema as a classic art form to tell the stories he wants to tell. I’m pretty excited about that.

We’re still waiting for a firm release date for In a Valley of Violence either side of the Atlantic, but for now it’s slated for a 2016 release.