George Clooney may be in the middle of his honeymoon, but the promotional campaign for his next film TOMORROWLAND, housed over at Disney, has just kicked up a notch.

Entertainment Weekly has just given us our first look at the film via a bunch of new stills, and has revealed some of the plot through writer Damon Lindelof and director Brad Bird.

Lindelof spoke about the tone of the movie.

“What Hogwarts is to magic, Tomorrowland is to science: They are both easy to find if you are a wizard and very difficult to find if you’re a Muggle.”

“Walt Disney is not a character in our movie, but he is referenced as having some involvement in this mysterious place called Tomorrowland, as a huge futurist and aficionado of space travel, rocketry, cities of the future, and space travel.”

He also eloborated on the plot, and the female lead of Casey, played by Britt Robertson (pictured above).

“There is a piece of technology in this pin, it’s the kind of old-school pin you would wear on your lapel, and when you make physical contact with it, you have the illusion of being physically transported to another world, and that’s how Casey gets her first glimpse of Tomorrowland,” Lindelof says. “She is a Muggle who accidentally wanders across Platform 9 ¾ and sees something she probably shouldn’t have.”

Brad Bird also chimed in.

“At first when she experiences this thing, she’s not sure if it’s real or not,” Bird says. “It’s kind of like being hit by a dream and not sure whether the dream was a dream or real.”

As we said, Clooney is front and centre in the Disney film, playing a failed inventor named Frank Walker.

“He’s at this farmhouse, and it’s probably the house he’s grown up in. He hasn’t done anything to it. He’s done tech stuff inside it, but it’s not a super cool bachelor pad. It’s more like a guy who is retreating when something didn’t go well… There’s something about George, you can see the wheels turning in his eyes, and he reads as somebody who is very principled. He seems like a very pragmatic guy who also dreams, but he’s not flighty. There’s an integrity to him that you feel.”

TOMORROWLAND releases on 22nd May, 2015. Here’s two other, brand new images from the film.



Source: EW