Karen Gillan's Selfie

We used to know her as Doctor Who companion Amy, but now Karen Gillan is about to reinvent herself across the Pond in a variety of projects. With horror movie OCULUS receiving positive reviews and comedy THE LIST forthcoming, she has received further good news about sitcom pilot Selfie.  ABC liked what they saw and now a series is on the way.

Created by Suburgatory‘s Emily Kapnek, the show reworks MY FAIR LADY with Gillan as Eliza Dooley, a narcissistic social media obsessive who employs a marketing consultant (played by STAR TREK’s John Cho) to improve her image after an online humiliation.

It’s a healthy time to be a Brit in Hollywood at the moment, with David Harewood (Homeland) also in the cast and the news that Hayley Atwell will star in a series of Marvel’s Agent Carter. With the not inconsiderable matter of Gillan about to feature as Nebula in GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY this is another exciting development in her career. Her comedy chops are well-honed from such productions as The Kevin Bishop Show and when it comes to startled expressions, sassy delivery and flailing limbs there are few better qualified for this latest role.

The show will be produced by Piece of Pie Productions and Warner Bros. television.

Source: Deadline, Radio Times