TV Faves Matt Bomer & Bryan Cranston To Lead New Big-Screen Biopics


He’s now completed his awesome AMC series BREAKING BAD (although there are still two episodes to air) and now Bryan Cranston is beginning to look at his future acting career. While we’ll next see him in Garth Edwards’ blockbuster GODZILLA, Cranston’s first role post Walter White will see him lead Jay Roach’s TRUMBO. The fact-based feature will look at the man who broke the Hollywood blacklist from a screenplay by John McNamara and based on the book by Bruce Cook.

Dalton Trumbo was the highest paid screenwriter in the world but was sent to prison in 1950 for refusing to answer the questions of Congress at the House of UnAmerican Activities Committee. The writer was rebellious even after his release and while struggling to have his work recognised, secretly wrote a number of Hollywood classics and won two Academy Awards under fake names.

Next we have news that WHITE COLLAR heartthrob Matt Bomer is set to play Montgomery Clift in an independent biopic of the Hollywood icon. The as-yet-untitled film will be directed by Larry Moss from a script by Christopher Lovick. The film will shoot early next year and centres on the method actor whose legendary good looks were tragically lost after surviving a devastating car accident that left him severely scarred.

The notoriously private actor continued his acting, and although he was later Oscar-nominated for his role in JUDGMENT AT NUREMBERG, the accident left him with psychological problems and haunted him until his death in 1966. His most famous roles came in FROM HERE TO ETERNITY, RED RIVER and A PLACE IN THE SUN.

Source: Deadline

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