Two more shipmates have joined cast of Ron Howard’s seafaring fact-based disaster drama, IN THE HEART OF THE SEA. One of my own favourite actors – in part due to outstanding varying roles in the likes of BRAVEHEART, THE GENERAL, LAKE PLACID, DARK BLUE and THE GUARD –  the brilliant Brendan Gleeson will play an older version of one of the handful of survivors of the whaleship Essex. He’ll also appear with rising young actor Sam Keeley.

Oscar-winner Howard’s film will chart the harrowing events that inspired Herman Melville’s iconic obsession novel ‘Moby Dick’, which, during 1819, the ship was sunk by the shear power of a massive sperm whale in the South Pacific. Those who survived drifted for 3 months in tiny lifeboats and endured disease, starvation before eventually succumbing to cannibalism. IN THE HEART OF THE SEA is led by Howard’s RUSH lead Chris Hemsworth and will also feature Benjamin Walker, Cillian Murphy and Tom Holland.

Source: Variety