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Liv Tyler is coming to a TV screen near you! The actress has signed on to join HBO’s pilot THE LEFTOVERS where she will play bride-to-be Meg. THE LEFTOVERS follows a group of people who did not make it when the rapture happened, and are forced to stay behind in a suburban community. Meg struggles to understand the happenings and seeks answers from  a cult offering them to her. Justin Theroux has also signed on to play local police chief Kevin Garty who is trying to keep his family together in the aftermath of the rapture.

This isn’t the first of Perrotta’s books to be adapted for the big screen; Reese Witherspoon hit ELECTION was also originally a book by the author and Perrotta co-wrote the screenplay for another adaption of his, 2004’s LITTLE CHILDREN, for which he received an Academy Award nomination for Best Adapted Screenplay.

The show is being co-written by Perrotta and LOST creater Lindelof and the supporting cast includes Christopher Eccleston (DOCTOR WHO), Ann Dowd (SIDE EFFECTS) and Amanda Mason Warren (SEVEN PSYCHOPATHS).  It’s been scheduled for a late 2013 airing so watch this space for further updates.

Source: Deadline