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Great Films with Pokie Machine Scenes 

People often notice various casino scenes in movies and television. They are often iconic, atmospheric, and generally look very good. As a rule, the biggest theme of these scenes within a given narrative revolves around poker or blackjack because these gambling activities are more dynamic and involving.

However, sometimes is possible to find numerous films where pokie machines are present. Be sure, these moments can be just as good.. Let us give you a wide explanation. Pokie machines can provide excitement and tension, just like a high-stakes poker scene. We’ve had a look at the entertainment landscape and given up our favourite three movies to feature them.

Ocean’s Thirteen 

The action in this film takes place in the city of gambling; Las Vegas. All the events revolve around the signing of a deal between the main hero`s friend and casino tycoon Willy Bank (Al Pacino). Said hero, Danny Ocean (George Clooney) has made a decision to disturb the opening of a new casino. 

In this brilliant film, we can watch a moment with a pokie machine – one that might be found at the best casino online in Australia, for example, but this one happens at an airport where one of the famous Thirteen of the title decides to try his luck at a pokie machine. But he leaves this machine for someone else. And what do we see? They have $11 million! It sounds unbelievable, but you can win a massive jackpot playing online pokies at Ricky Casino

Race to Witch Mountain 

The main hero of this fantastic film is a driver who meets two aliens who look like real people. They bring him $15,000 to deliver to an unknown place which is a big mountain in the vicinity of Las Vegas. This film is full of adventures, adrenaline, and also, you can find a gambling scene where the main protagonists try to get away from special agents. Trying to prevent them, the alien makes all pokie machines show only winning combinations. 

Twin Peaks: The Return 

This series is known not only because of its chilling plot but also due to a prominent role of a casino in it. This film is full of dark moments and intrigues. Here is a great example. The main hero who returned from the Black Lodge tries to understand where he is and what he wants to do. 

These attempts led him to a casino where he watches how other men are playing pokies. This hero decides to try his fortune too. Every time when he plays he hits a super-prize. After that, his life changed for the better. 

These are just a few examples of films and  TV shows with gambling scenes. Actually, they are various. Do you have your favourite one?


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