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New Movie Generates Debate on What ‘Hustler’ Means

Many movie fans are eager to see a new movie, ‘Hustlers’ which is due out in mid-September this year. With a number of big names including Cardi B, Keke Palmer, and Jennifer Lopez, the movie, Hustlers is based around an article that was in the New York Times several years ago. Many fans will be waiting in anticipation for the movie to be released, and it is tipped to be a big hit.

So, what’s the movie all about? Well, nobody knows yet just how close it will be to the article that was published in the NYT. The article told the story of a group of women who were strippers, prostitutes, and former sex workers who then decided to work together to rob men of their money. The new movie is based on the same lines and is inspired by this true story. In the movie, three ex-stripped decide to unburden the rich, selfish, partygoing men they hang around with of their cash but there are said to be twists and turns along the way.

What Is a Hustler Anyway?

One other thing that the movie has done is general more debate on what the word hustler or hustle actually means. There are many ways in which this word is construed based on the person, the context, and the situation. It is used on the streets, as part of everyday words, and even to describe a brand, which is, of course, the HUSTLER® Hollywood brand, which is famous for its adult magazine and products. So, let’s take a look at some of the common meanings of the word.

Okay, so one thing you may not realize is that this word is not one that has only recently entered our vocabulary but has actually been in use for centuries. Back in the 1600s, the word was used to describe a shaking movement and in the 1800s, people began to use the word ‘hustle’ to describe a fast pace, which they believed was vital in order to succeed. This then helped to coin the term hustle-bustle, which a lot of people continue to use to this very day.

In modern society, the term has taken on the meaning of someone that does something unscrupulous in order to get their hands on money. For example, there are lots of movies, including the early 1960s movie ‘The Hustler’, which focus on people who pretend that they are no good at certain things such as playing cards or pool, but once people put money on the table expecting them to lose, they suddenly become experts at their game – which, of course, they were all along but just didn’t let on until they had the chance to win the money.

A lot of people these days hear the word hustle used on the streets by people that even describe themselves as hustlers. It is definitely a word that has taken on a range of meanings over the centuries.


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