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Surefire Tips on Writing Movie Reviews

by THN

A movie review is an essay that elaborates the writer’s opinion about a particular film. The writer analyzes the theme of the movie, its characters, and any other significant aspects within the movie. Such reviews are normally a critical analysis of the film backed by evidence. At the same time, through the movie analysis, the writer can give recommendations to other potential audiences on whether it is worth watching or not.

In education, movies are also perceived as a means of learning. Students undertaking humanities such as history and political science can greatly benefit from studying through the film. By watching events, the imagery gains a lasting effect on their minds. This reinforces the information taught in class.

However, some students constantly struggle to draft movie review compositions. This necessitates them to consult some helpful resources  to find out how to effectively compose such papers.

Steps to Observe While Writing Film Reviews

The most difficult part of writing a paper is the beginning. This is whereby you are supposed to set the pace and decide on the appropriate approach to take. The first step is to watch the movie at least twice while noting down both the major and the trivial events as well as the information about the characters.

Next, conduct thorough research to gather more information about the film and its cast. Details to look out for include the director’s name, his/her motivation in making the film, location, plot, historical inspirations to the movie (if any), among others.

Analyze the movie to enhance your understanding of all its aspects from the start to the end. In case you are still confused, re-watch the movie. Create an outline that shall act as a guide during the writing process.

You can also watch other movies by the same director to get a good understanding of his/her unique styles. Since acting is the basis of all movies, you can investigate how actors depict other characters and decide if their different roles correspond to their usual specialty.

Take some notes about the key moments, breathtaking scenes, as well as the impressive details. These memos play a huge role in acting as a starting point for your paper. Another good idea is to take note of the verbatim by some main characters. They might serve as a good epigraph for your review.

How to Structure a Movie Review Properly

To enhance the quality of your paper, you need to organize your writing properly. Furthermore, organizing your essay before you begin saves you much time. Instead of figuring out what to include, you shall have a laid out plan for your paper.

Include an introduction comprising of the title, date of release and background information. Your introduction needs to grab your audience’s attention immediately. It should be high in appeal to encourage further reading.  After that, write the thesis statement right after the introduction and make it as compelling as possible. It needs to be original and based on your analysis. Your task is to voice out the message the movie is conveying and illustrate how it connects to an individual. The next step is to compose a synopsis of the movie summarizing plot elements, i.e., the rising actions, climax, and anticlimax.

Discuss the creative elements such as characters, camera techniques, dialogues, tone, mood, costumes, symbols or any other relevant detail. You can then give your opinion, supported by facts and examples from the story. Such include the film’s accomplishments and failures. Discuss other elements such as actors, cinematography, and the acting. Make use of quotes from the movie to analyze a particular aspect.

In conclusion, announce whether the author of the movie achieved success in his/her objective. Restate all your evidence and explain the relevance of the film to your subject. Your conclusion should relate to your thesis statement, and just like the introduction, it needs to be both entertaining and compelling to attain maximum success.

Finally, give a recommendation. This provides the author with an opportunity to determine whether a particular movie is worth viewing or not.

How to Deal with the Task More Easily

Many students today struggle a lot when it comes to finding a reputable company that provides quality essay help. This causes them a lot of headaches especially those who are poor in writing. However, composing a review does not have to be tiresome. There are various authority websites from which you can gain quality tips through reading movie reviews done by experts. They provide quality guidance on how to write such a composition.


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