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Go Bananas! A Herbie TV Series May Be On The Way

According to TV Line, a Herbie TV series is on the way. The lovable Volkswagen Beetle was last seen on the big screen back in 2005 in Herbie: Fully Loaded, but first arrived in cinemas in the 1968 film The Love Bug, then 1974’s Herbie Rides Again, 1977’s Herbie Goes to Monte Carlo, 1980’s Herbie Goes Bananas, and the 1997 TV film The Love Bug. There was a short-lived TV series in 1982 called Herbie, the Love Bug but Disney XD are to revive the property for a new run very soon.

Travis Braun (Criminal Minds: Beyond Borders) will write the show and co-executive produce. According to the same source, it is not clear whether lead character Lili or Landon Reed will be male or female. They add that Lili/Landon is:

“Part scientist, part entrepreneur, part daredevil and realizes, when her/his parents go missing, that they’ve secretly been working on a government project: a talking car named Herbie. Herbie is key to helping the kid reunite with her/his parents, but a gang of criminals also wants to get its paws on the state-of-the-art vehicle.”

I loved the Herbie movies as a kid and I’m sure it will still resonate with younger, modern audiences. More as we get it folks.


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