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Denis Villeneuve officially being looked at to direct ‘Dune’ reboot

by Paul Heath

He’s currently working on Blade Runner 2049, and has an absolute stonker of a sci-fi movie now playing in cinemas in Arrival, but it looks like filmmaker Denis Villeneuve is being sought to bring his own iconic stamp to the reboot of Frank Herbert’s Dune.

According to Variety, the director is officially being eyed to direct the new Dune movie, and is said to be in very early talks with Legendary.

The new comes following the filmmaker’s previous desire to make the property. He told the same outlet back in September that it is “a longstanding dream of mine to adapt ‘Dune,’ but it’s a long process to get the rights, and I don’t think I will succeed.”

Well, it looks like he make be getting his wish if this report is anything to go by.

The original book revolves around the planet Arrakis, its Atreides rulers and their mortal enemies the Harkonnens. Legendary are plotting potentially more than one movie and also hold the TV rights too, but the word on the street is that Villeneuve is only looking to helm the first film in any potential series.

We’ll bring you more as we get it. Click through to Variety for more.

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