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‘Jurassic Park’ In Concert at the Royal Albert Hall review

by Kat Hughes

Jurassic Park

Each year the Royal Albert Hall screens a selection of classic films with a live orchestral accompaniment. Previous years have included films such as Star Trek and Gladiator, with this year focusing on Jurassic Park. We attended the world premiere screening of the iconic Jurassic Park accompanied by the Royal Philharmonic Concert Orchestra, conducted by Ludwig Wicki. Here’s what we thought.

John Williams has been, and forever will be, a name linked to some of the best movie scores in history. He’s worked on JawsStar Wars and Harry Potter, to name but a few of his most memorable bodies of work. Jurassic Park is another of his greatest hits and to hear it scored live to picture is an incredible experience.


The film itself is perfect. At close to twenty-five years old Jurassic Park still manages to hold the viewer. The story is tightly written, developed from the novel written by the late Michael Crichton. It’s an old-school summer smash that provides plot, memorable characters, stand out set pieces and quotable lines in abundance. Directed by the Godfather of imagination Steven Spielberg, this is a movie that is still as disarmingly charming as it was all those years ago. Who doesn’t love dinosaurs? Stan Winston‘s creature designs are legendary, and somehow all these years later, with CGI as advanced as it is, it’s still this film that really makes me believe that dinosaurs are real.


The Royal Albert Hall is the perfect venue for an event like this. The sound travels around the hall, thundering and echoing, fully immersing you in the world of Isla Nublar and its prehistoric inhabitants. Everyone loves that theme music and to hear it live will bring a tear (or two) to the eye. The orchestra is so good that for moments you forget that it isn’t the usual on-the-tape film, then you experience a surge of goosebumps that you only get from a live performance. Don’t rush out as the credits role, this isn’t your usual multiplex venue. Stay to the end so that you can fully appreciate these exceptionally talented musicians.

The audience too were fantastic. Should you go, remember you’re watching it with a room full of like-minded folks who love Spielberg’s classic as much as you. Embrace that shared fandom, it’s something truly special.

A film watching experience that transcends the arts, Jurassic Park in concert will recapture the imagination of the entire planet (or the attendees of the Royal Albert Hall at the very least).

Here are some pics from this glorious event.

Jurassic Park in concert screens at the Royal Albert Hall on Friday 4th and Saturday 5th November. Get your tickets here

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