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Jeremy Irons says ‘The Batman’ is filming next summer

by Paul Heath


Alfred Pennyworth himself, Jeremy Irons has been quoted in saying that the stand-alone Batman movie to be written and directed by Ben Affleck is set to start shooting next summer.

We had an inkling that The Batman would go before the cameras in early 2017 for that 2018 release, and Joe Manganiello, who will play the villain Deathstroke, had previously said that principal photography was set for the Spring.

Irons was talking with Variety who asked him if Alfred would have more to do in the forthcoming film?

“He promises me there’s going to be a bit more of Alfred in that. In the “Justice League” we have seven major lead characters and I’m the butler to one of them. It’s clear I will not be dominating that film.”


The trade also touched upon the still raw subject of the negative reviews surrounding this year’s Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice. We quite like it, but was Irons surprised at the film’s response?

“Not at all. I was very pleased by the numbers. Zack seems to get a hard time from the press, which is strange. I don’t know if it has to do with the sort of secrecy that surrounds the making of it all. But the audience liked it, which in the end is all that matters.”

We’ll bring you more news on The Batman as it comes in.

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