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The new trailer for ‘Officer Downe’ will blow your mind

by Paul Heath


I had no idea what Officer Downe was until I wrote this post – which I did after watching this new trailer for the Kim Coates (Sons Of Anarchy) starrer. This movie, which will be released Stateside in a couple of weeks, is based on the graphic novel of the same name by Joe Casey and revolves around Coates’ police officer who, quite literally, cannot be stopped by death.  He returns to the streets time and time again to fight crime.

Casey wrote the screenplay for the film version of his book with Slipknot founder Shawn Crahan taking the directing reigns for his feature debut. If you think that this looks and feels a lot like Crank then it may well do as it is co-produced by Mark Neveldine, co-director of the first two Crank movies.

Bloody Disgusting posted the first poster for the film on their site earlier this week, and the full trailer was uploaded to the web just now. I for one am sold on this. Your thoughts?

Officer Downe will hit VOD platforms in the US on Novmber 18th via Magnolia’s Magnet Releasing.


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