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Joss Whedon reveals his next project, kind of…

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Joss Whedon reportedly had a tough time on his last big-screen directing project, the fairly decent Avengers: Age Of Ultron, and in the year since its release, Whedon has been quiet on what his next project may be. Until now.

According to TheWrap, Whedon revealed some tiny tidbits at the HeForShe Media Summit in Los Angeles. Referring to the planned project, Whedon said that “it is a story about a girl who goes through some unbelievable shit. And that much is all I can say”.

“It’s the first time in my life I’m writing without a sort of studio audience rating — without a plan,” he added. “I’m just writing about something I care about, so it’s a little terrifying and it’s taking a little longer. But I think it will be good!”

He added that it is “an original screenplay that is very different from everything I’ve ever done, except for that it’s exactly the same.” He is apparently still writing the screenplay, which he hopes to complete in a few months.

Intrigued. More at the end of the link above.

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