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World Exclusive: Watch the new trailer for British film ‘Hard Tide’

by Paul Heath

Hard Tide trailer: World exclusive trailer for the upcoming British film.

Hard Tide trailer

In a world exclusive, we have the first Hard Tide trailer. This British film stars Nathanael Wiseman, Oliver Stark, Mem Ferda, Andy Lucas, Katarina Gellin, Ralph Brown and Alexandra Newick, while Wiseman co-directs with Robert Osman. Here’s a little about the story of this exciting new Brit flick, which arrives in cinemas next month.

On the eve of a drugs war, a small time criminal is forced to go on the run with a neglected nine-year-old girl after a fatal accident. HARD TIDE tells the incredible true story of Jake (Nathanael Wiseman) a drug dealer grown up in the care system in an impoverished English coastal town. As a turf war brews around him, his world is thrown into complete chaos when he inadvertently befriends neglected nine-year-old girl, Jade (Alexandra Newick), and takes her home out of harm’s way, only to get embroiled in a fatal accident that will change each of their lives forever.

The film also features original music by acclaimed rapper Mic Righteous and award-winning composer Si Begg.

Hard Tide releases in U.K. cinemas from April 29th, 2016, and will debut on the home entertainment markets on May 9th.

Watch our world exclusive Hard Tide trailer below. More info on the film as we get it.

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Oliver White Mar 25, 2016 - 12:30 am

I saw this movie at the Sundance Film Festival and left with a smile stamped across my face.


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