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Star Wars: The Force Awakens gets rave reviews


At 8.01am this morning GMT, the official review embargo for Star Wars: The Force Awakens lifted and the internet exploded. Thousands of reviews instantly went online, ours included, for a film which is getting almost universal acclaim. Four stars seems to be a minimum (we gave it five), and everyone seems to be on the same page. It’s awesome.

Here are some of the review we’ve found online to back this up.

The Times critic Kate Muir wrote: “Adults will be floored by tearful nostalgia because this is a classic.”

The Guardian‘s Peter Bradshaw said that film is “a spectacular homecoming…”

“The Force Awakens is ridiculous and melodramatic and sentimental of course, but exciting and brimming with energy and its own kind of generosity. What a Christmas present, “ he added before slapping five stars upon it.

“There’s better acting in ‘The Force Awakens’ than in all the Star Wars movies combined.” – Time Out

The Verge said: “The overall result is the film equivalent of that crazy, gyroscopic shot of the Millennium Falcon from the original teaser: familiar and earnest, with a whiz-bang layer of pizazz and invention pulling things into the 21st century.”

The Independent went a step further: “Star Wars: The Force Awakens is actually probably objectively the best Star Wars yet, and would be held up as untouchable had it come first.

Here’s more positivity from critics and our friends from the Twitterverse.

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