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Zoolander 2 teaser trailer lands; Enter Derek’s brain…

Zoolander 2 teaser trailer: Derek Zoolander is back and is just as stupid in this sequel to the 2001 movie. Ben Stiller stars.

Zoolander 2 teaser trailer

Zoolander 2 teaser trailer

The teaser trailer for Zoolander 2 has just dropped from Paramount Pictures. The film, which is due in cinemas in 2016, 15 years after the original movie, stars Ben Stiller as the supermodel title character, alongside Kristen Wiig, Fred Armisen, Penelope Cruz and Cyrus Arnold.

The original movie grossed a little over $60 million worldwide back in 2001 from a budget of just under half of that, though the film has a huge following and gained a progressive cult status in the years that have passed since then.

Watch the Zoolander 2 teaser trailer below.

We don’t know too much about the sequel, but we do know that it’s set in Europe about ten years on from the first. SlashFilm picked up the following from an interview with Stiller from a few years back.

It’s ten years later and most of it is set in Europe… it’s basically Derek and Hansel… though the last movie ended on a happy note a lot of things have happened in the meantime. Their lives have changed and they’re not really relevant anymore. It’s a new world for them. Will Ferrell is written into the script and he’s expressed interest in doing it. I think Mugatu is an integral part of the Zoolander story, so yes, he features in a big way.

It has also been confirmed that Christine Taylor will be return as Matilda Jeffries, Owen Wilson as rival model Hansel,  Will Ferrell as fashion designer Mugatu, and Billy Zane as himself.

The film, which could be called Zoolander 2, Zoolander II or even 2oolander, has a February 12th, 2016 release date set Stateside and in the UK. Stiller directs from a screenplay that he wrote with Justin Theroux.

Here’s the Zoolander 2 teaser trailer, which also features a look into Zoolander’s brain, complete with voiceover from someone that sounds like Professor Stephen Hawking….

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