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New Release Friday: Movies opening in the UK & USA this weekend


Another Friday, another weekend at the movies. Despite one movie opening that is sure to dominate (we’re looking at you Mission: Impossible Rogue Nation), there are actually quite a few choices out there for UK cinemagoers and US cinemas this weekend.

Here, we run down the big ones hitting the multiplexes in the United Kingdom, and United States from today, Friday 31st July, 2015.

Mission: Impossible – Rogue Nation (UK and US)
Rated: 12A/ PG-13
THN Review: ****


“Action-packed, unrelenting, fun-filled and extremely funny, Rogue Nation delivers in spades.” [Full review here]

Cub (UK – selected cinemas)
Rated: 18
THN Review
: ****
Cub image

“Cub is an refreshing and unsettling horror. Dealing with several taboo subjects director Govaerts reaches depths not previously visited in the genre. An origin tale of the likes of Jason and Michael Myers, a must for genre fans. It’s the ultimate scary camp fire tale; be prepared for nightmares.” [Full review here]

Hot Pursuit (UK cinemas)
Rated: 12A
THN Rating: *


“It’s formulaic, routine, run-of-the-mill, absolutely mind-numbing stuff with out two leads exposing every cliché in the book. Just when there’s hope, the script throws a curve ball that sets it back even further.” [Full review here]

The Cobbler (UK cinemas)
Rated: 12A
THN Rating: ***

The Cobbler review

“It’s all disposable stuff, but you cannot help be charmed by Sandler as the lovable loser at the forefront of the movie, and the hapless life he leads until he finds his family’s legacy. The script does falter in places, and it may be a touch overlong, but it is well paced and enjoyable pretty much throughout.” [Full review here]

Vacation (US cinemas)
Rated: R
THN Rating: Coming soon!


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1 Comment

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