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Sir Roger Moore wants former 007 actors for film

Sir Roger Moore wants former James Bond actors to star in an action movie and revealed he has been in discussions with a studio about the idea.

Sir Roger Moore

Sir Roger Moore

Sir Roger Moore wants former James Bond actors to star in an action movie.

The 87-year-old star revealed he’s been approached by a film studio to develop a movie starring several former 007 actors including Sean Connery, 84, George Lazenby, 75, Timothy Dalton, 71 and Pierce Brosnan, 62.

Speaking about the concept, he insisted: “I’d be up for it.

“But I’d need about ten stunt doubles.”

According to The Sun newspaper, the film would be similar to ‘The Expendables‘ franchise, which has brought together movie legends including Jason Statham, Sylvester Stallone, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Dolph Lundgren and Bruce Willis for a series of action-packed blockbusters.

However, Sean, who retired in 2006, is not convinced by the idea and is currently refusing to engage in discussions for the movie.

Sir Roger explained: “But Sean balked at the idea as I don’t think he wanted to be associated with Bond any more.”

Meanwhile, Roger – who starred in seven Bond films, making him the longest-serving actor to appear in the iconic role – now generally steers clear of action movies in favour of “fairytales”, and has recently released an app which tells bedtime stories.

He said: “I watched ‘Scarface’ recently and it’s so violent. I suppose I’m a little old-fashioned but I like traditional fairytales. It’s why I’m involved in this app.”

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