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Full Red Suit Revealed For Marvel’s ‘Daredevil’


With Marvel and Netflix‘s Daredevil only a few hours away from its highly anticipated release, excitement for the brand new series is at an all time high.

Ever since Marvel Studios announced that they would be expanding their ever-enlarging universe of characters once again, keen comic fans have eagerly awaited the release of the studio’s brand new Netflix-based shows. The first of which will re-introduce audiences to ‘Daredevil’, in the character’s first live-action appearence since Mark Steven Johnson’s critically panned 2003 adaptation, starring the future Batfleck himself. Now, with Charlie Cox set to make his debut as the character later today for the entire series release, Marvel and Netflix have unveiled our first look at Matt Murdock’s brand new costume. After many fans expressed their huge dissapointment with Daredevil’s crime-fighting atire, many will be pleased to see that the series will honor the characters iconic red costume after all. You can check out the show’s stunning new take on the classic outfit in the new motion poster below:

With the beloved comic character (hopefully) receiving the adaptation he deserves after such a long wait, it appears that Marvel may have yet another winner on their hands. With the series set firmly within the realms of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, expect to see see a plethora of exciting easter egg’s within the show’s first thirteen episode season.  Although, despite its connection with its big screen brothers and sisters, Daredevil does seem to be considerably darker than typical Marvel Studios adaptation’s. However, this will no doubt please die hard Marvelites such as myself!

Daredevil‘s thirteen episode season will be avaialble on Netflix UK from 8AM on 10th April.

Source: Marvel Studios/Netflix

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