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We Might Be Getting Another ‘Saw’ Movie In 2016


So far, there have been no less than seven films in the SAW franchise. There are seven because the films are terribly profitable and so much darn fun. Well, it seems that Lionsgate want more for the series and it looks like the two people that started the franchise, director James Wan and Leigh Whannell, may be wanting to come back for a another piece of the pie.

Speaking to ShockTillYouDrop, producer Oren Koules had this to say:

“[Wan and Whannell] were so afraid of being the Saw guys. They were trying to make their own mark”.

“[Now] they’re very comfortable to come back”, he continued. “James and Leigh are absolutely going to put their mark on it. It’s one of the reasons we agreed to do this again”.

Great news, and while this doesn’t mean Wan will direct (more likely produce), it does look like they both will be involved in some way. We’re hearing that the launch may be at Comic Con in San Diego next summer.

Before all of that, Wan has to finish up work on the seventh FAST AND THE FURIOUS movie. Expect that next April.

Source: ShockTillYouDrop

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