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The Truth About Emanuel DVD Review

The Truth About Emanuel DVDDirector: Francesca Gregorini.

Starring: Kaya Scodelario, Jessica Biel, Alfred Molina, Frances O’Connor, Aneurin Barnard, Jimmi Simpson.

Running Time: 91 minutes

Certificate: 12

THE TRUTH ABOUT EMANUEL is that it seems nobody had a clue about what to do with this film. A title change from EMANUEL AND THE TRUTH ABOUT FISHES, festival appearances over a year ago and now DVD cover art that is conceptually misleading and just plain horrid. It’s not often the packaging needs to be addressed, but the artwork not only gives the impression that this is a horror, but also seems to be ripped from somewhere else. THE TRUTH ABOUT EMANUEL is that this is also an absolutely gorgeous drama which deserves respect and needs to be treated for what it is.

The stars of Skins have all begun to blossom, but perhaps none more so than Kaya Scodelario. Here she adopts a pitch perfect accent and tackles a troublesome role as a young woman who blames herself for her mother’s death. Her quick witted and uncomfortable dialogue masks an insecure and fragile girl. She soon comes across her new neighbour Linda (Biel), and begins to babysit for her, only to discover a disturbing truth about the baby. Biel has never been better and captures the brittle and spooky aspects of her character to an astonishing degree. Biel and Scodelario also combine to make a pair impossible to turn away from when on the screen.

As it tackles issues of mental health, THE TRUTH ABOUT EMANUEL is subtle and caring, which is one of the reasons why the attempt to pass this as a horror is pretty insulting. The bittersweet current that runs through this drama forever homes a sense of tragedy waiting to explode, while we also question whether people are doing the right thing, as well as debating what is right in the first place.

Gregorini’s direction keeps things grounded, while always allowing for a few surreal moments that hypnotically expand upon the characters. There’s also a good deal of focus on the soundtrack selections, each of which is a cool and vibrant tune that enables the visuals to flourish more naturally. THE TRUTH ABOUT EMANUEL is the very definition of a quiet gem. It wants to be appreciated, but doesn’t slap you in the face for attention. Quiet, uneasy, and predictable, the film is very much like its two main characters.

[usr=4] THE TRUTH ABOUT EMANUEL is out on DVD on 8th September.


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