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*UPDATED* ‘Flight Of The Conchords’ WILL NOT Rock The Party Again At HBO

Flight Of The Conchords

They ended their original series after two seasons, having claimed to be struggling to come up with ideas. However it seems the formidable comedic batteries of musical duo Flight Of The Conchords are now recharged, with Bret McKenzie and Jemaine Clement preparing to return to HBO for a limited run of four episodes. A mix of surreal situations, tragic but hilarious characters and elaborate spoofs (including a magnificent tribute to LORD OF THE RINGS), the show introduced us to such talents as fellow New Zealander Rhys Darby and Kristen Schaal.

McKenzie went on to compose for THE MUPPETS and Clement has been whittling a niche for himself as an actor, with MEN IN BLACK 3 being his most high profile appearance. There was a reunion of sorts as series director Taika Waititi joined directorial forces with Clement for upcoming WHAT WE DO IN THE SHADOWS and of course the band never really split up. But this new TV run, however short, is going to more hotly-anticipated than a chilli restaurant with no air conditioning situated by a lava flow.

UPDATE: Unfortunately Jemaine has issued the following Tweet…


Source: Complex

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