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Antonio Banderas Stars In Debut Sci-Fi Trailer For ‘Automata’


We’ve seen Banderas as a whole host of characters and now he’s delving into lo-fi sci-fi with AUTOMATA and it looks all kinds of intriguing!

As originality is difficult to come by, it’s about how you portray your own story in the film world and this one undobutedly has a pinch of Isaac Asimov’s I, ROBOT alongside any of Neill Blomkamp’s work, plus those movies set in the future with troublesome robots. Even though it’s hard to avoid those similarities, AUTOMATA may take a new approach in which the robots are looking after people but also keen to subtly build some form of empirea and whether that’s evil or not, we’ll find out.

Directed by Gabe Ibáñez, it’s 2044 and we’re in the life of Jacq Vaucan (Banderas), who works at ROC Robotics Corporation as an insurance agent. While doing his usual job, he discovers that something unusual is going on and – as you’ll see in the trailer – a whole host of rebellious robot rapscallions rebel!

AUTOMATA was co-written by Ibáñez, alongside Igor Legarreta and Javier Sánchez Donate. It co-stars Melanie Griffith, Dylan McDermott, and Robert Forster and opens in South Africa and the States this October 10th. We’ll bring you more news as we have it.

Source: Yahoo!

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