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Captivating Trailer For Michael Apted’s Photography Documentary ‘Bending The Light’


There aren’t many trailers for anything that give you a shiver of understanding or excitement the first time you watch them but this one for Michael Apted’s BENDING THE LIGHT undoubtedly does for me.

You’ll know Apted’s work best for his generation-spanning documentary ‘Up‘ that returns to the real lives of 14 people every 7 years, since 1964. It’s just been shown again again recently with the people involved at 56 years old, and it’s still utterly fascinating, so if you’re in the UK then hunt it down.

I wanted to share BENDING THE LIGHT because my other passion outside film and music is definitely photography and something that I studied and worked with before. This new documentary suspends itself in the world of Lens making in Japan, and talks to photographers about their passion and looks at that unique relationship between filmmakers, photographers and lens makers. It goes with this official synopsis:

From acclaimed director Michael Apted (The Up Series, Masters of Sex) comes a revealing look at the art of filmmaking and photography. A journey of glass, the film explores the relationship between the artisans who craft camera lenses and the masters of light who use these lenses to capture their art form. BENDING THE LIGHT features never-before-seen footage from inside a premier Japanese lens factory, intimate interviews with lens engineers, and a peek into the world of award-winning photographers and cinematographers Greg Gorman, Laura El-Tantawy, Richard Barnes, and Stephen Goldblatt, ASC.

Watch it now:

Bending the Light Trailer from Bending the Light on Vimeo.

I’ll be keeping my eye focused on this release, which is currently only set for the film festivals in the States but I’m sure will find its away across the world over the next 12 months or so. We’ll bring you more as we see it!

Source: ThompsonOnHollywood

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