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Book Now: ‘There Will Be Blood’ Live At The Roundhouse With Jonny Greenwood


We’re delighted to announce that Miramax and Park Circus will give two world premiere screenings of Paul Thomas Anderson’s Academy Award-winning THERE WILL BE BLOOD at Camden’s Roundhouse, alongside Jonny Greenwood’s score performed live by the London Contemporary Orchestra, conducted by Hugh Brunt.

The shows are on the 6th and 7th August, with tickets are on sale now for what sounds like a tremendously unique event that’ll draw together an orchestra of over 50 musicians, including Jonny Greenwood himself, who will play the Ondes Martenot section. His work as a film composer includes BODYSONG, WE NEED TO TALK ABOUT KEVIN, NORWEGIAN WOOD and THE MASTER.

The London Contemporary Orchestra have been performing Greenwood’s orchestral works since 2008, and in 2012 recorded that unforgettable score for THE MASTER. I’ve got full confidence for an amazing screening and not only because of the talent involved, but also having seen various orchestras at film screenings across London but this one really stands out as a ‘must-see’!

Tickets start at £10.00 and you’d just need to head over to Roundhouse’s website on this link to book now!


Dan loves writing, film, music and photography. Originally from Devon, he did London for 4 years and now resides in Exeter. He also has a mild obsession with squirrels and cake. The latter being more of a hobby. Favourite movies include HIGH FIDELITY, ALMOST FAMOUS, ROXANNE, GOOD WILL HUNTING, JURASSIC PARK, too many Steve Martin films and Nolan's BATMAN universe. He can also be found on

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