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Robert Downey Jr. Is Top Earning Star For Second Year In A Row


It has been announced that IRON MAN superstar Robert Downey Jr., is for the second time in a row, Hollywood’s highest paying actor!

It comes as no surprise as the actor reportedly earned a whopping $75 million (£45m) between June 2013 to June 2014, that mainly came from his earnings from IRON MAN 3. The film made $1.2 billion (£702m) at the box office last year. Not bad going for an actor that started his passion at the age of five-years old playing a puppy in his father’s film, POUND in 1970.

Things are clearly not slowing down for Downey career wise as it has just been announced SHERLOCK HOLMES 3 is in production and not forgetting a sequel to THE AVENGERS ASSEMBLE. I predict in 2015 Downey will have another high paying year, and who doesn’t love a dose of Downey?

Source: BBC 

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