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Cameron Crowe’s Next Film Slated For May 2015

Cameron-Crowe-Bradley-and-Emma-618x400Former music journalist Cameron Crowe will have to wait until next year to release his upcoming untitled film set in Hawaii. Crowe, most famous for his films JERRY MAGUIRE and ALMOST FAMOUS, has tended to leave spacious gaps between film projects, so the delay shouldn’t be too painful to endure. With a summer release of 29th May 2015, it also suggests that the film is having a lot of confidence placed in it by the studios.

The film will see Bradley Cooper playing a military contractor who returns to a launch site in Hawaii and bumps into an old flame, Rachel McAdams. Meanwhile he also begins to fall for Emma Stone’s Air Force watchdog. Meanwhile an eccentric billionaire, Bill Murray, looks to launch a new satellite system. The film sounds as though it is following the returning to old pastures and discovering love route of Crowe’s ELIZABETHTOWN, a film I felt was sorely underrated. 

Previously set for a Christmas 2014 release, Jeff Blake, Chairman, Worldwide Marketing and Distribution for Sony Pictures said:

Once we saw the film, we knew that it would make a perfect summer release. The movie is Cameron at his best.

With the film now only set to compete against MONSTER TRUCKS and INSIDIOUS: CHAPTER 3, it looks as though this will be a big summer blockbuster free weekend in a year stuffed with huge films. You can also click here for our previous coverage behind-the-scenes on this one!

Source: TheWrap

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