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Warners Bros Release New ‘Interstellar’ Images

Matthew McConaughey Interstellar


Further whetting the appetite for Christopher Nolan’s space bound odyssey, the studio have given us a couple of fresh images. The one above shows star Matthew McConaughey in contemplative mood, and indicates this may be more of a lo-fi take on the genre than a raft of gleaming equipment.  Or it could just be a scene in somebody’s kitchen, with ravishing production design just around the corner.  Of course Nolan’s approach to THE DARK KNIGHT trilogy was to be as realistic as possible so I wouldn’t anticipate anything too exotic.

And while it would be nice to have a second shot with Anne Hathaway, a look at the writer/director himself riding one of his beloved IMAX cameras is always welcome.

Christopher Nolan Interstellar

I wonder if Nolan shoots his home movies in IMAX? Anyway, I digress.

The nutshell of INTERSTELLAR is a story of wormholes and how a team of astronauts plot a course across the universe, farther than Mankind has ever gone. Man is represented by McConaughey, Bill Irwin and Michael Caine, but the presence of Hathaway, Jessica Chastain and Ellen Burstyn shows this is one voyage with a finely-balanced crew.

The film is set for release November 7th.

Source: HeyUGuys

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