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Gerard Butler Drops From ‘Point Break’ Remake

Gerard Butler Point BreakThere aren’t many films I am less excited to see remade than POINT BREAK, and it seems as though Gerard Butler is in complete agreement. Butler was set to play the extreme sports fanatic and surfer Bodhi, originally played by Patrick Swayze in a remake of a film that laid the groundwork for THE FAST AND THE FURIOUS. Keanu Reeves played an undercover “F-B-I-AGENT!” by the ridiculously cool name of Johnny Utah. That role is still in the hands of Luke Bracey as far as the remake is concerned. Production company Alcon have had some setbacks with Butler, mostly over reported creative differences and scheduling conflicts.

POINT BREAK is set to shoot in June at international locations, but Butler starts shooting LONDON HAS FALLEN, the sequel to OLYMPUS HAS FALLEN, in London this autumn. Director Ericson Core only has one other feature length film under his belt as director, but that was the very respectable INVINCIBLE. He also worked as the director of photography on POINT BREAK inspired THE FAST AND THE FURIOUS. The original was directed by Kathryn Bigelow, and still holds up today in just about every single way imaginable. We can expect Butler’s replacement to be announced in the coming weeks, but quite where they’ll find a handsome lead with surfing experience (Butler starred in 2012’s CHASING MAVERICKS) is beyond me…MCCONAUGHEY!

Source: THR

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