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Emma Stone To Work With Woody Allen Again

Emma Stone

Following news that Joaquin Phoenix is to star in Woody Allen’s latest, as-yet-untitled project, the hypochondriac comedy behemoth has now added Emma Stone to the roster of talent. Stone is fresh from appearing in Allen’s last film MAGIC IN THE MOONLIGHT, so has clearly made an impression, perhaps in the way Scarlett Johansson did. That collaboration yielded three pictures, so if this goes well who knows, we could be seeing the start of a fruitful working relationship.

Allen has a fine history of working with intelligent actresses who possess a light touch, from Diane Keaton to Sally Hawkins and has a knack of bringing out the best in many of his female characters. Stone is a strong addition to his ever-burgeoning list of regular players, making an attractive and likeable presence in everything from THE HELP to THE AMAZING SPIDER MAN movies. I for one am looking forward to seeing her bring his snappy dialogue to life. Woody Allen Film #47 reportedly commences shooting in July.

Source: Variety

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