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New Girl And New Chekov Set To Star In ‘The Driftless Area’

Zooey Deschanel The Driftless Area

Zooey Deschanel and Anton Yelchin are to play the leads in an adaptation of Tom Drury’s 2006 dark comic novel. Sounding like a variation on BLUE VELVET with a an influx of hipster talent, the plot sees a bartender Pierre (Yelchin) returning to his home town only to fall for a mysterious beauty (Deschanel), which in turn puts him on a collision course with a psychotic criminal, to be played by John Hawkes (WINTER’S BONE).

Keith Kjarval of Unified Pictures will be producing the film with Bron Studios and is waxing lyrical about the upcoming project:

“We are quite excited about making this film as it is so darkly humorous and wrought with atmosphere and frankly, I am excited to be telling such a delicious story with some of my favorite actors.”

Deschanel and Yelchin are far from your typical movie couple and the prospect of seeing Deschanel subvert her usual romantic comedy image makes this worth looking out for. The presence of the craggy and charismatic CIARAN HINDS (THE WOMAN IN BLACK) also bodes well.

THE DRIFTLESS AREA Shooting begins in May in Vancouver and is directed by Zachary Sluser.

Source:  ComingSoon

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