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LEGO Unveils ‘The Simpsons’ Figures


The LEGO Group’s collaboration with The Simpsons for the hit animated show’s 25th anniversary continues with a line of collectible minifigures, due to tie into the special LEGO Simpsons episode this May.

Among the sixteen-figure line-up is the entire nuclear Simpson family, plus other classic characters like Apu, Milhouse, Itchy & Scratchy and Krusty the Clown. LEGO has already released a Simpson house set that retails for the mighty price of £179.99/$199.99. At £2.49/$3.99 each, the figures should be a little easier on the wallet for Simpsons fans.

The tie-in episode, entitled ‘Brick Like Me’, is due to air on 4th May, written by Brian Kelley. In the episode, Homer will wake up in a world where everyone in Springfield is made of LEGO bricks. The figures are oddly reminiscent of Homer³, a ‘Treehouse of Horror VI’ segment where Homer finds himself trapped in a three-dimensional world, so perhaps we’ll see something along those lines in the Season 25 episode later this year.

The figures actually look pretty good considering the fact that both Simpsons characters and LEGO minifigures are oddly proportioned in different ways. Though Chief Wiggum doesn’t usually look that skinny…

Source: THR

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