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‘Game Of Thrones’ Stars Tease Season Four At Premiere

by Kat Hughes


Tuesday night THN attended a special advanced screening of Game Of Thrones Season Four: Episode One, thanks to Sky Atlantic. Stars including Sophie Turner, Ian Glen, Liam Cunningham and John Bradley were in attendance. After the episode there was a Q & A with Sophie, John and Liam – or Sanza, Davos and Sam to those who only know them by character.

The three were very chatty and happy to answer questions of all varieties, when asked what other character they would all like to play they said Tywin, Jamie and Joffrey so all three want to tackle a Lannister role. Given the shows cut-throat approach to culling popular characters they also shared how they would hope their character would die. Cunningham instantly replied with ‘of old age‘, which John agreed with, though admitted Sam was more likely to have a heart -attack running upstairs to Gilly.

Sophie also revealed a dark desire for either a whole show dedicated to her demise, filled with a load of red-herrings about when she would croak. Failing tha,t she would want some horrible slow death that could be milked out over several episodes – tortured by Joffrey maybe?

The trio remained extremely tight-lipped as to what will happen during the new series though, all agreeing that they wanting it to be a surprise. Cunningham did however tease that the ‘WTF moments‘ start a lot sooner this time around. Season Three was just a big build-up to its epic conclusion, but this series the payoff will come sooner. Sophie also revealed that Sanza is going to grow a bit more of a spine and start to play the manipulation game.

Don’t forget Sky Atlantic are screening the first episode on Monday 7th April at the same time as the States, so no waiting around all day trying to avoid spoilers!


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