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Jake Gyllenhaal In ‘Enemy’ Featurette

Yesterday we brought you the trailer for Richard Ayoade’s THE DOUBLE, wherein Jesse Eisenberg discovers his exact double. Well, it appears the film has its own doppelganger in the form of Denis Villeneuve’s ENEMY, a film that reunites the director with his PRISONERS star, Jake Gyllenhaal not once, but twice. Gyllenhaal plays two characters, one named Adam and one named Anthony. Adam, while watching a DVD discovers an extra that looks exactly like him and sets about meeting this other version of himself.

ENEMY looks to be a more serious affair than THE DOUBLE, and the clear difference is that in ENEMY both the characters realise they look the same. Both films seem quite dark though, and this latest featurette gets to the very core of what attracted people to the project of ENEMY. I’d say there’s room for both and I’m always fascinated to see actors work against themselves.

ENEMY is released in he UK on 7th February and in the US on 14th March. It stars Jake Gyllenhaal, Melanie Laurent, Isabella Rossellini, and Sarah Gadon.

Source: A24

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