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Two New Official Teasers For Star Wars ‘Rebels’ Debut


Lucasfilm have released two knew teaser promos for their upcoming animated series STAR WARS REBELS. The clips give us a first look at lead character Ezra who’s voiced by Taylor Gray and they also show off some of the other characters and ships that will be featured in the series.

The show is set in the dark years between episode III and Episode IV, with the evil empire tightening its grip on the galaxy far far away and hunting down the last remaining Jedi. It follows a small band of resistance fighters as they grow and develop into the rebel alliance seen in the original movies.

Check out the teasers below and see if you can find the droids you’re looking for…

Scheduled to begin this Autumn with a one hour special on the Disney channel to be followed by the series on Disney XD. Excited? Or is this another bludgeoning upon the entertainment worlds biggest dead horse? Do you find my lack of faith disturbing? Do let us know below.

Source: LucasFilm

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