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THN Team Up With ‘Short Sighted Cinema’ To Examine Gender

by Martin Daniel McDonagh

Good Night

Last week, THN braved the wild winds and rain of London town (well, mild drizzle, but that isn’t nearly as dramatic), in order to attend a short film showcase presented by Short Sighted Cinema, which examined the theme of gender representation in film. This was followed by a thought-provoking discussion with the director’s themselves. The venue was Upstairs at The Ritzy; a quaint and intimate setting that nevertheless exudes a fierce passion for the medium of film.

Five diverse shorts were on the menu:

GOOD NIGHT (dir: Muriel D’ansembourg)

– Two naive adolescent girls experience the initial stirrings of sexual awakening in this intimate portrayal of the inevitable loss of innocence.


– A more personal and historical look into the life of Wikileaks ‘Hacktivist’, Bradley Manning, examining his journey through inner turmoil in search of enlightenment.

DOG (dir: Kate Jessop & Richard Scott)

– A charming short animation based on the poem by Richard Scott, which sees a man come to terms with his sexuality and confront his antagonist.

MYRA (dir: Caroline Burns Cooke)

– A surreal and thoughtful portrayal of the inner workings of child killer, Myra Hindley. Adapted from the award winning play, SUFFER LITTLE CHILDREN, this chilling short is also inspired by an article written by Hindley in The Guardian in 1995.

CHATROULETTE (dir: Alexander Thomas & Chloe Massey)

– A naked woman wearing only a mask offers a series of men an unusually intriguing choice over her webcam.

A truly enjoyable evening was had, with some of the best and most exciting up and coming directorial talent on show. For more information about the important work of Short Sighted Cinema, visit their website or Facebook page. For more information on the Upstairs at the Ritzy venue, see here.

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