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Contract Claws: Jackman Offered $100 Million To Stay As Wolverine??


It has been reported that bearded, Aussie, human flex-machine Hugh Jackman has been offered 100 million dollars to reprise his trademark role of Wolverine for a further four movies.

Bloody Nora. There’s no denying that Jackman is fantastic as Logan, but that figure is getting into Dr Evil territory. It must be noted, the source of this particular story is none other than The National Enquirer. A paper so famous for it’s fanciful reports that even readers of The Daily Mail would find most of it’s output hard to swallow. We wouldn’t be surprised if they didn’t concluded their article with “Jackman celebrated the offer by riding a giant wasp to Istanbul where he was flayed alive by a plasticine model of Mel Giedroyc.”

Never the less, with the phenomenal popularity of Hugh as a man and a performer, let alone his six separate appearances as Wolverine, the story could well be true. It would equate to 25 million per film which is, although insane in real world terms, perfectly acceptable in Hollywood and 20th Century Fox could easily afford it. With film fans salivating at the prospect of DAYS OF FUTURE PAST, the X-MEN property is as hot as ever and another four films is more than likely with the studio looking to expand their own Marvel universe. And we bloody love Hugh, so we’re all for it.

THE WOLVERINE is in cinemas now, click here for our review. Stay tuned to THN for the official, high quality trailer of X-MEN: DAYS OF FUTURE PAST when it finally hits.

Sources: Worst Previews via The National Enquier

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