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Inu X Boku Secret Service DVD Review

Inu X Boku SS DVDCreator: Naokatsu Tsuda,

Starring: Rina Hidaka, Hilary Haag, Yuichi Nakamura, Chris Patton, Kana Hanazawa, Monica Rial, Mamoru Miyano, Blake Shepard

Running Time: 312 minutes

Certificate: 12

INU X BOKU SECRET SERVICE puts a gentle spin on the harem genre of anime. It’s a clever and useful technique which sees the constantly expanding cast of characters live together, not in the same house, but in the same apartment building. This means that the relationships can be developed upon while also allowing characters some much needed alone time. It also reduces the number of comedic misunderstandings that naturally evolve from a full house.

As you could probably guess, this is no ordinary apartment building. It allocates rooms to supernatural beings, each of whom is protected by their own secret service agent. Our protagonist isn’t exactly thrilled with constant supervision, but as you’ve already worked out, romance blossoms. Predictable? Of course it is, but its calming nature makes a nice change from overly sexualised, big breasted anime. It even feels as though a woman may have been involved in the project, but that’s just crazy talk.

Although the romance is sweet at times, it’s also harmless to a degree that borders on boring. We know who is going to end up together, and the show seems to be fully aware of this, which results in few conflicts being thrown the couples’ way. The supernatural elements are also painfully restrained and only seem to be brought out when the pacing needs a kick up the behind. It’s a shame as the character designs are great to look at, and capture the personalities in fairly subtle ways.

Like the shows it tries to separate itself from, INU X BOKU SECRET SERVICE still relies on old fashioned innuendo to force a smile. Sometimes it works, but when it does you can be pretty sure the show runs the joke dry. A neat idea of one character proclaiming everything as either a masochist or sadist soon becomes a bore after 3 minutes of it going on constantly. With an ending that feels rushed and a plot that plays it far too safe, INU X BOKU SECRET SERVICE has its moments and gives us a main character who is both feisty and pleasant.

Three Out Of Five StarsINU X BOKU SECRET SERVICE is released on DVD on 12th August via MVM.

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