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Writer Josh Friedman To Work On ‘Avatar 2’ Screenplay


James Cameron has enlisted some help for the screenplay of the next installment of his adventure fantasy trilogy, AVATAR 2, in the form of writer Josh Friedman.  Cameron, who wrote the screenplay to AVATAR himself, has been working on the script for both AVATAR 2 and AVATAR 3 for some years now and it looks like progress is being made as he brings in Friedman.

Friedman’s writing credentials thus far are solid; he created Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles, the Fox TV show set after the events of TERMINATOR 2 which was nominated for 4 Emmy Awards.  He also co-wrote the screenplay for the Tom Cruise sci-fi thriller WAR OF THE WORLDS and adapted James Ellroy’s crime mystery drama THE BLACK DAHLIA in 2006.

AVATAR 2 and AVATAR 3 are expected to be shot back to back but there’s currently no word on when production will get underway. Last month early test footage was screened at the CGI conference Siggraph with improvements said to be made to the motion capture techniques employed by Cameron in the original. Producer Jon Landau has also revealed AVATAR 2 will be using underwater performance-capture for the first time.  Slowly but surely things seem to be moving in the right direction for Cameron but we don’t hold out much hope of a release date for the movie anytime soon!

Source: Collider

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